3 July 2007

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake


As the story goes… when my mother was pregnant with me, she used to crave chocolate so badly that she would eat several bars a day! Yet dispite this early training, I came into the world without the ‘chocolate gene‘, and therefore never truly understood what all the fuss was about when it came to desserts like chocolate cake (cries of NO & SHAME!!!)

This was until my friend Evelyn sent me her recipe for “Flourless Chocolate Brownies“. With my mother’s birthday approaching and knowing her weakness for anything chocolate, I thought what better an opportunity than to try out what Evelyn described as the most deliciously, delectable chocolate dessert she had ever tasted.

Being without a brownie pan, I decided to turn the recipe into a cake, and instead of using only plain 70% dark chocolate, I substitute 3/4 “DOLFIN” Earl Grey Tea 70% dark chocolate . The only thing left to say is that after some 20 odd years I have finally found …… chocolate cake!


petit gâteau fraises et creme de rose

{PETITS GÂTEAUX AUX FRAISES ET CREME DE ROSE} I am in love….. and my current infatuation comes from the general direction of the kitchen ‘quelle surprise’! It all started when reading Donna Hay’s delicious recipe for “Raspberry cream cupcakes” on the Telegraph website And so the song “Two for tea and Tea for two…. ” from the Musical ‘No No Nanette’ became stuck in my head.

It will come as no surprise that with grass routes in England, that tea time holds a special place in my heart – and what better to go with a cup of tea than a dainty little cake. This is a twist on the traditional fairy cake or cupcake as North American’s call it,  but one that brings back sweet memories of being a little girl serving tea to my dollies. It is shocking how many cakes a plastic doll can consume all by herself ;)

I began with the printed recipe as a base and modified a few things as I went along: as I had just bought local strawberries at the market that morning I decided to substitute them for the raspberries, and thought that a touch of rosewater and sugar would go nicely with the cream.



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